Villa D’Amore

Benvenuto! Welcome to Villa D’Amore!

This is our little piece of paradise here on earth! We are located in the Cilento area of the Region of Campania within the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park (map below). Our villa is on a high floor facing the Mediterranean Sea and Monte Stella. The views above are what we see from our windows and balcony. The beach views are of Marina di Casalvelino.

We are located off a strada bianca (dirt road) and our actual address is a matter of debate since our deed states a different address than our property tax records reference – welcome to Italy. There is no house number. The property is surrounded by olive groves and the long driveway is lined by eucaliptus trees.

The sky is huge, beautiful and ever-changing. It is truly entertainment in and of itself both day and night. There is little “light noise”, so we have spectacular views of the constellations and planets at night.

Here we are!

Image 11-23-15 at 3.58 PM