Post Honeymoon Blues – or Italia-itis

I can’t even begin to describe the culture shock we encountered as we de-planed in Philadelphia after our “Big Fat Italian Honeymoon”. I know it may sound ridiculous, but I believe that we’re in very good company. There seem to be many people who have fallen hard for Italy after a visit. After my first visit to Rome with side trips to Orvieto, Naples and Pompeii, I definitely wanted more. But nothing could have prepared me for the feelings I had post-Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and especially Casalvelino.

It was early June when we returned state-side and we literally thought and talked about all things Italia constantly. Sometimes we would just sit around the house on a beautiful summer day and wonder aloud “why did we come back here??” We kept looking at our photos on our big screen tv and the nearly life-size views made us (almost) feel like we were still there. We would look at our Villa Velina keys. There would be tears in our eyes. . .

I am sure I owe many friends and relatives an apology for talking about Italy too much, or practicing my fledgling Italian on them, leaving them with no idea of what I was saying. To all of you who fall into this category, I blame Italia-itis for this. I had no control, I could not help myself, my mind was taken over by a country in which I am considered a straniero (foreigner). Italia-itis is not just a passing illness, but rather a malady; a disorder of the brain that is chronic or deep-seated. Once contracted, it can only be kept at bay by talking about, thinking of or traveling to Italy.

So, my apologies, but as you can see Italia-itis makes me do it!

2 thoughts on “Post Honeymoon Blues – or Italia-itis

  1. I love the picture. It has a watch tower where they would light a fire if pirates were coming. The next tower would see it and light there fire. In minutes hundreds of miles would be warned! All this before the internet. Imagine!

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