The Big Decision

Continuing from Villa Velina Just Happened . . .

So, there we were, having just learned that Villa Velina was not a timeshare. The next week we were in a mental frenzy as we turned the possibility of owning a home in Italy around in our minds. We corresponded further with Luisa, the realtor from Property Organizers, and gathered a bit of additional information, including some more photos.

Don’t get me wrong. This information was not to help us make a decision; our decision was already made. As soon as we had received the “not a timeshare” confirmation, we looked at each other and said “let’s move forward with this until we hit a roadblock”. This additional information was just due diligence, to the extent one can call remote property investigation “due diligence”.

The unit came with all walls and floors finished and a completely outfitted bathroom.  As you can see, the “kitchen”(cucina) was a tile wall with gas, water and electrical hookups. We were completely expecting this having previously overdosed on House Hunters International.

The large picture at the very top of this blog, shows the two available units on the top floor. We were liking the one that faced both the ocean and mountains (red arrow pointing from it). We also “Google Earthed” the local area and tried to locate the property using the address we had been given.  Although we were able to locate several Via San Nicolas in the area, we could never find a property that looked like the property or views that coincided with the pictures we had received. A few days later, we received GPS coordinates from the owner’s daughter so we could confirm the exact location. Ahhhhh, now we could tell why we were not successful with our previous attempts. Not only was our Via San Nicola on a hillside on the opposite side of the valley from the one we had been “traveling”, but we could now also see that the property was perched high on a hill. Getting to this lovely location could not be accomplished via the normal “Via”.  This would involve a mile long strada bianca (dirt road) and a long private driveway.

So, now we were ready to commit (or be committed). We asked Luisa what we needed to do to reserve the property. The answer was “send a deposit”. Normally, buyers would go view the property in person at this point, however, this was March and we would be traveling to Italy for our honeymoon in May, so we opted to pay the deposit (site unseen) and Luisa would take us to see it while we were in Positano three days before we settled on the property in Rome. To be continued . . .


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