Villa Velina just happened

Ciao Amici!

Well, this is my first official blog on Mezzogiorno Living! At first, I am going to tell a multi-part story about how we came to be where we are and love The Cilento and Mezzogiorno as we do! Thanks for joining me and I hope you stay for the journey!

The photo above is of George and I with all of the wonderful people who we first met at settlement when purchasing Villa Velina. There is much romanticized about Italy in movies and the stories we have all heard, but how much of it is really true?

Well, I can tell you that the movie Under the Tuscan Sun is definitely a romanticized version of a true story. Apparently, Hollywood didn’t think the cool things Frances Mayes did were interesting enough to sell without changing her marital status. Also, Frances didn’t just jump off the bus, like in the movie, and buy a house in Italy; she and her husband had vacationed in the area for years before taking the plunge.

While planning our honeymoon and looking for vacation villas, I inadvertently happened upon a site that was not a rental site, but rather properties for purchase.  All of a sudden, these pictures were in front of my face for an unbelievable price.

I showed “my find” to George, saying “I know we are only looking for a rental and there is no way we will do this, but just look at this price – it must be a timeshare. Should I just write the realtor and ask?” I said this thinking that when we learned it was a timeshare (which we are very against), that would be the end of it.

Already, our minds were working overtime about the possibility of doing the impossible. We had perhaps, watched one too many episodes of House Hunters International, and if you have already read our “About” page, you know that our love for Italy had us set up for adventure. Luisa (the realtor) answered back almost immediately, telling us that this property was not a timeshare, but simply an outright purchase and ownership.

Stay tuned for the next episode . . .




4 thoughts on “Villa Velina just happened

  1. I always love our little love story with each other and Italy. Bella Italia è special! This will be a very important BLOG for all those traveling to Southern Italy and needing information. After all of our trips we are becoming experts on bars, restaurants, pastry shops, beaches, small towns and shops. love you -George

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Just go to and read the blogs from the bottom up. They are located on the home page. Or see the recent blogs list – same order bottom to top – for story in order. Under the tab for Villa Velino, there are pics of the property. I have also started filling in some info about the surrounding area, although not complete, if you click on the town names, there are some beautiful scenes. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy! The story will continue even beyond the dozen or so blogs that have already been written. . .


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