Benvenuto! Welcome!


I am working hard to build out Mezzogiorno Living’s permanent content. Please check out the “About” and “Villa Velina” pages and let me know your thoughts.  There is also a restaurant, pasticceria listing and an event, each with an entry to give you an idea of our format. Every menu page will contain permanent content, including lists of recommended restaurants, etc.

Regular blogs will begin on December 1st!


Jo Anne

We should be live by 12/1/15 . . .


5 thoughts on “Benvenuto! Welcome!

  1. Jo Anne and George and all Livers of Italy.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like it can even become a movie. I also had the pleasure of being in love with Italy. I was born in Istanbul Tirkey. My dad setup factories around the world for an Erican company in the 60’s and lastly in Italy. Headquarters Milano and factory by Breda Hupp in Bari. I visited him durin my teen age years many times. We traveled by car all over Itly between Milano and Bari we had multiple trips and I even went to La Schoola BrittanicevDi Milano Per Imparare La Lingua. Jessica and I spent part of our honeymoon in Italy in 1985 and traveled all around. Just as you two She and I are in love and many times we said if we had to retire somewhere it may be just be Italy, la bellissima paese e la Lingua Congrats to you both for this beautiful story and wish you a very Happy Life in Italy. Ciao amici Spero Che ci vediamo Happy Thanksgiving. thank you for sharing.

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